About Us

Our Clinic Story

Our Founders

We humbly started in 2006 as General Practitioner Clinic and in 2010, opportunity came for providing a haemodialysis service. With the help of various government aid through out the span of 10 years, we are now a 40-dialysis-chair centre which provides maximum 280 patients needing haemodialysis service in Kuching and Samarahan.

Dr Mohamed Redduan Bin Mohamed Atta, a local doctor graduated from UKM in 2002, a proud Josephian. Serve in the government for 4 years before setting up his own private practice.

His school time motto; “No one should be left in pain” did drive me into what i am today.

May Allah grant him strength and guidance. Amen.

Vision & Mission

Professional and Simple Access to High Standards

Practise Good Ethics and Values
Strive to be Relevant and Contribute to Community
Listen and Act with Empathy
Constantly Improving

Advanced Dialysis Facility

We are a licensed Dialysis Centre and An Outpatient Clinic for Public with more than 10 years experience